New regulations on tax exemption when purchasing photovoltaic systems

The new version of the JStG comes into force on January 1st, 2023 and favors the purchase of photovoltaic systems for operators by saving on value added tax or sales tax.

Who is affected by the tax exemption?
This applies to purchases where the delivery and billing address are in Germany. A sale with 0% VAT to other countries is not possible.

Which products are exempt from tax?
The tax exemption applies to systems that are installed near the home or on public buildings. These are precisely defined in the UStG §12 Abs.3. Therefore, when purchasing complete systems (except for mobile systems), solar modules and, in some cases, inverters and batteries, it can be assumed that they are covered by the exemption.

How can I ensure that the system is installed in a legally compliant location?
You can download a form and email it to us at . Here you confirm that your system meets the legal requirements. If your order from 2022 is only delivered now, please check whether the conditions are met. In this case, please send us the completed form as well. We will check if you can get the VAT back.

How do I fill out the PDF form?
Just print it out, fill it out and send us a scan or photo of it.

How does the order work?
You can order normally. The shopping cart already shows whether an order with 0% VAT is valid. The recalculated amount is displayed at the end of the ordering process before sending.

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